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The Dancers Dream offer all our students a wide range of dance styles for them to learn, practice and perform.
Below are a list of the dance styles that The Dancers Dream have to offer and also our Saturday and Wednesday class timetable.


Dance Styles

Our Jazz classes are our most involved and energetic class as we introduce students to a range of different Jazz styles. Some of the styles of Jazz we offer are Classical, Theatrical, Modern and a Jazz Hip Hop alternative. Students are also given the opportunity to participate and complete their Jazz and Theatrical examinations.


During our tap classes, we teach students about rhythm and moving to the beat. We give the students the chance to try a wide range of tap styles from Musical Theatre, Slow and Fast. We also give students the chance to participate and complete their Tap examinations.


During our Ballet classes, students will learn both Ballet technique and Ballet dances. We teach our students different Ballet variations from the Classical style (Soft and Pointe shoe) to the more Modern style which incorporates Jazz and Lyrical components. Students will also be given the chance to participate and complete in Ballet examinations.


At The Dancers Dream we offer both Contemporary and Lyrical styles to our senior students. Our Contemporary teaching is very abstract and free spirited (more of a Jazz style) where our Lyrical dances are very similar to a more relaxed and free Ballet style.

Musical Theatre

One of our favourite styles of teaching at The Dancers Dream is Musical Theatre. This style of dance is very similar to and incorporated into both our Jazz (theatrical) and Tap dances. During this style we allow our students to be very free and allow them to be the star of the show.


Each week we alternate our technique

classes so our students are developing in all areas of dance they study. During most of these classes we focus on Ballet technique which is looking at the students feet positions and their

balance. During the other weeks, we work on stretching all parts of the body to enhance flexibility, skills and control and also learn to listen and dance clear beats within our Tap technique.

The Dancers Dream Groups

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Dance Timetables

The Dancers Dream teach our students every Saturday from 8:45am to 2:00pm and also every second Wednesday from 4:30pm till 7:15pm. 

Below are a our scheduled timetables where you can see when each group will be in class.

Both classes are available for all ages to attend (with Wednesday night also including our Baby Ballet Class for 2-4yo). 

If any questions please message us at

Dance School Melbourne
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